I am a theoretical physicist, technologist and parallel entrepreneur, born in the Dominican Republic (1975). 1)

As CTO and engineering consultant, my work role focuses primarily as System Architect for Knowledge Management, Big Data, Semantic Web, Gamification Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Supercomputing and eLearning projects; leading teams distributed around the World.

I also held a chair in a few board of directors at non-profits and companies in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Spain and the USA.

I set up this website (the concept of Blog wasn't yet invented), back in 2003, 2) for my post-graduate students; not only for posting Syllabus and assignments, but to stimulate them to do the same with their own students as most of them were professors or teachers themselves.

Eventually I quit teaching and switched up back to Entrepreneurism, co-founding my first startup outside the Dominican Republic, in Spain, which neutralized the need of updating its pages 3).

Ever since I rarely had the time to keep on posting regularly, but I always kept the website online, with several upgrades, most of them forced after it getting hit - from benign to disruptive - hacking episodes 4) m( because I used to use alpha versions of Joomla! that I was helping to debug which I eventually forgot to update .

Nowadays, though, it is far from different whatsoever, because I lack free time more than ever before in my life. However, I am getting back into regular blogging because turning the 2016 my Life has changed dramatically forcing me to keep my daughter and loved ones updated about my life whereabouts in a private section of the site beyond any censoring.

Also, because my career makes me interact with people all around the world, most of them from developing countries and, given my background and niche subject areas of expertise, I find myself very often in the mentoring role. In this context a lot of chats deserve to be preserved because it's a repetitive topic or abnormally interesting and more digging could be useful for me and them.

And, because it's time to be regular giving back, not only source code, but insights to the technical communities I am benefiting so much from.

So, this is probably version 5 of this website. Let's put it to good use. Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.


Moises Jafet Cornelio-Vargas 2016/03/25 03:04

1) According to WolframAlpha I am person number 4.08 billion alive. My daughter is 6.9 billion people; 2.2 and 2.41 billion people my father and my mother respectivelly.
2) The Internet Archive saved it for the first time in June 25Th, 2003
3) At that time there were not user friendly way to update the content because modern CMSs, such as Joomla! and Wordpress didn't exist
4) Last episode in January 2016